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MK Heating Engineers Ltd are accredited Worcester Bosch Installers so can offer 10 and 12 year guarantees on their latest range of boilers:
We carry out a variety of install types not limited to:
• Straight boiler replacements
• Converting older systems to combination boilers, allowing you to save space by removing loft tanks and copper cylinders. This can rely on a good incoming water pressure and pipe size.
• Where a combination boiler may not suffice to supply 2 or more high flow showers, an unvented cylinder can be installed, which still negates the need for cold water tanks in the loft, a good solution for loft conversions. This also relies on a good incoming water pressure and pipe size.
• Fully designed and installed Central Heating systems
• We also regularly install new radiator valves, flush existing systems, move boiler locations, install smart controls, replace radiators and carry out maintenance work.

Please contact us and we’ll be happy to advise which type of boiler or system design would be best suited for you.


Even the most carefully looked after system can develop faults. If you require a service or are experiencing problems with your central heating system, and our FAQ section doesn’t help, either give us a call or fill out the contact form below, and we will get in touch with you to arrange a suitable time for us to visit you for a no-obligation quote.


Underfloor heating is difficult to retro fit as it takes up a lot of depth, however in an extension such as a conservatory it could be ideal, where there isn’t enough space to hang a radiator. Water that is heated from the boiler is pumped through a network of underfloor tubes that cover the entire floor space.Modern underfloor heating operates at lower temperatures than radiators and is therefore cheaper to run. The heat radiates upwards from the floor and is distributed evenly. It is considered by many to be the most pleasant type of heat distribution as there are no hot or cold spots.
MK Heating are certified installers for Uponor, the market leader in underfloor heating systems. These systems utilise a 5 layer composite pipe that is 100% oxygen proof, unlike inferior plastic pipe which lets oxygen through and causes corrosion. Paired with an air source heat pump this is a very efficient way to heat your home.


MK Heating Engineers Ltd are accredited Worcester Bosch Installers so can offer a 5 year guarantee on all units in the latest range of air-con units
Air conditioning units are proving to be an increasingly popular option for people to consider installing in their houses, boasting these key benefits:

• A great heating and cooling solution for loft conversions, extensions and outbuildings, which are often the hottest places in the house during the Summer months and the coldest places throughout the Winter.
• Increased work comfort and air quality for home offices all year around.
• Increased comfort for pets in the home, as well as helping to filter out moulting fur in the air. 
• All Worcester Bosch units come with built-in air filters that help to remove dust, smoke, pollen and other allergens from your home. 
• Dehumidifies the air when in cooling mode, but also has the option of a specific “Dehumidification Mode”/“Dry Mode”.  This can help to alleviate damp issues in a property.
• AC units are approximately 3-4 times more efficient than a typical electric or gas boiler when in heating mode, this is due to being able to take advantage of the latent heat in the air, this leads to a very comparable cost of usage to a gas boiler even though gas is approximately 3-4 cheaper per kWh compared to electricity.

Please contact us and we’ll be happy to advise which type and size of air conditioning unit would be best suited to you.


Prevention is much cheaper than cure when it comes to central heating. A regular service will keep your boiler working efficiently, and will prolong the life of your system and keep you safe from carbon monoxide poisoning.
When we install a new boiler, we will contact you within a year to carry out an annual safety check, which is essential to maintain your boiler’s warranty. Even if your boiler was installed by someone else, we are happy to undertake regular servicing, which covers the following:
· A visual check to ensure your boiler meets current standards
· Boiler fired to identify any working faults
· Boiler casing removed to check all main boiler components:
· Heat exchanger
· Combustion fan
· Gas and water seals
· Ignition system
· Check to ensure flue is unobstructed
· Check that boiler is combusting efficiently and properly using a flue gas analyser
· Gas pressure test conducted to ensure no leaks
· Check all visible pipework and controls
· Venting of all radiators


MK Heating offer you a safe and efficient service in installing and maintaining complete heating systems. We carry out landlord gas safety inspections for tenanted properties – a legal requirement when letting out your property. We can check, upgrade and issue your Certificates (CP12’s) on the spot and/or advise you of safety requirements you need to implement


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We are a family run business established in 1997.
We take on a variety of work including:

boiler and air conditioning installations
servicing and repairs
Smart heating controls
Gas and electrical inspections
small plumbing jobs such as tap replacements and leak repairs.